A realization

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The nice kuya manong who drove me around Makati

The story behind this picture is how I spent a good part of the morning riding in a tricycle around Makati in search of the suction cup hooks we use to hold the curtains during briefings to block off the sunlight. We went to three separate markets, where I asked about a total of twenty shops for the hooks before I chanced upon a school supplies store that sells them. Out of a mixture of relief and exasperation, I bought 40 pieces in total so I wouldn’t have to look for those hooks again.

The thing is, I was too fixated on looking for the hooks. My state of mind was that I had to find them, there was no other option. Those were what we used back then and they worked fine. I was looking to remedy the same issue with the same solution.

But then the hooks started failing us. They couldn’t hold the curtains’ weight, and in that moment I felt the futility of my efforts. The entire morning that I spent fixated on finding the one solution was for naught.

It was a good thing that Lou was there. She suggested to clip the curtains to the glass panel instead, and it worked wonderfully! That was when the stark realization hit me and my ego. Instead of thinking of new, creative ways to solve a problem, I had resorted instead to employing an old resolution.

Is this what I have become?

I refuse to believe so, and decided from then on to revisit my old ways. I used to be much, much more resourceful and insightful that this!

And I will be, in the days to come.


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